Combined expertise.

AMP and AHS bring together the expertise and capabilities of market leaders in bulk powder handling and processing equipment.

As platform companies, both provide the opportunity to offer a comprehensive and complementary suite of product offerings and specialisms. The combined product portfolios help create a seamless customer experience across all four brands, thereby delivering powerful and transformative synergies to a global customer base.

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Benefit from these unique partnerships.

  • A differentiated and unrivalled product range
  • Ability to provide full turnkey material handling and processing solutions
  • Seamless integration between product brands
  • Knowledgeable sales & engineering teams across brand portfolios
  • Full range of spares stocked globally
  • Worldwide service and support
  • US, UK and European Manufacture
Automated Handling Solutions

Automated Handling Solutions is a provider of automation solutions, as well as specialized material handling equipment such as enclosed conveyor systems.

AHS serve customers in regulated end markets such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, specialty chemical, and general industrial processing.

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Advanced Material Processing

Advanced Material Processing is a manufacturer of material processing equipment.

Focusing on food, nutraceutical, mineral, plastic, chemical and biomass industries, AMP specializes in highly-engineered mixing, drying, separation and thermal/moisture control equipment and systems.

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“Both companies offer a unique combination of turnkey material handling and processing solutions. With AHS combining the material handling systems of Spiroflow and Cablevey Conveyors, and AMP integrating the material processing systems of Kason Corporation and Marion Process Solutions, the result is two unrivalled platform companies that deliver integrated core competencies and market-leading product portfolios to customers globally.” 

Brad Sterner

May River Executive Resource Group member, acting CEO of Cablevey and Executive Chairman of AHS designate